Talent Producer and Celebrity Booker for “Celebrity Ghost Stories” and “The Haunting Of”

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Talent Producer and Celebrity Booker for National TV Shows

For the past several years it has been my pleasure to be the Talent Producer and Celebrity Booker for the highly rated National Television Series “Celebrity Ghost Stories” and “The Haunting Of.” Both series focus on celebrities who have had ghost or paranormal experiences. Each episode of “Celebrity Ghost Stories” includes the stories of four celebrities who have ghost stories. For “The Haunting Of” we take a celebrity who has had a paranormal experience and bring them back to the location of where the experience took place with the guidance of world renowned Psychic Medium Kim Russo. Kim is extremely gifted. She has helped many celebrities to understand the meaning of their experience and give them peace to move forward.

Hundreds of Celebrities booked

I have booked hundreds of celebrities that have been featured on “Celebrity Ghost Stories” and “The Haunting Of.” They have included Academy Award Winner Marlee Matlin, Grammy and Emmy Nominee Vanessa Williams, Academy Award Winner Louis Gossett Jr., Emmy Nominee Billy Dee Williams, Kesha, Meat Loaf, Margaret Cho, Vince Neil, Billy Ray Cyrus, Tom Green, Ernie Hudson, Debbie Allen, Wayne Newton, Travis Tritt, Anthony Michael Hall, Joe Pantoliano, Barry Bostwick, etc.

One day when I was at a shoot for “The Haunting Of” in New York City Kim Russo informed me that my Aunt Louise who had passed away was coming through to her. Kim said that my Aunt was not going to miss her chance to speak to me. It was amazing how Kim gave me powerful messages. She said that My Aunt Louise was speaking about my Mother and my Uncle—she said their names. There is no way that Kim would have known their names. Then she said that My Aunt wanted me to inform my sister to stop worrying about getting my nephew into college-she said that everything will work out and my nephew did get into a top college. Even I benefited from Kim’s insightful messages.

I remember when we went to shoot “The Haunting Of” with Vanessa Williams, Vanessa informed me that she was so happy that we were there. A ghost had been bothering Vanessa and her family for many years. Vanessa wanted peace back in her home and to understand who the ghost was. Vanessa said that she and her daughter were frightened by the ghost. Kim was able to determine that the ghost was a lighting employee who was electrocuted working outside on her property many years ago. We were then able to find the news story that documented that this event occurred. Kim helped the ghost leave Vanessa’s house and bring serenity back to her home.

About Celebrity Booker Paul Scott Adamo

I really enjoy my work as Talent Producer for these dynamic and awe-inspiring television series. With every show that I book I have a wonderful experience and always look forward to my next project with enthusiasm.