Booking Celebrities: I never take no for an answer!

Paul Scott Adamo

Celebrity Booking is one of my passions

Celebrity Booking is an art form. In addition to having great relationships, sometimes you have to find a creative way to book an A List Star.

Celebrity Booker books Clint Eastwood

I was working as a Celebrity Booker for a television series that wanted to do a story on Clint Eastwood. I approached Clint’s representatives and they informed me that Clint Eastwood was not available. How do I make this happen? I had to find a way. After doing some research and networking I found out about an award that Clint Eastwood was going to receive. I contacted the publicist for the award show and made a deal with them. If they guaranteed me some time with Clint Eastwood, we would do a story on their award show. They agreed.  We were given our own room backstage to do interviews with celebrities. After Clint Eastwood won his award, they brought him into our room. In addition to asking him about what winning the award meant to him, we were able to ask him questions about his life and career. I had to lock the door to keep out a few other crews that wanted to interview him at the time. We were able to get about thirty minutes with him. Clint Eastwood was very gracious and we had our Clint Eastwood interview!

More celebrity stories to come……