What they are saying about Celebrity Booker, Talent Producer and Casting Director Paul Scott Adamo…

“As Talent Producer, Paul Scott Adamo is our secret weapon. We could not have done our show without him. In the first two seasons, he booked over 250 top-name guests. He literally pulled off a miracle. And on top of all that? He’s also a really nice guy.”

— David P. Levin, Executive Producer, “TV Land Confidential” (TV Land Network)

“I have worked with Paul Scott Adamo for several years and he has booked hundreds of celebrities for various television shows that I have produced. He has consistently gotten us top talent, even when there were incredibly tight deadlines, small budgets and/or very difficult casting parameters. Nothing deters Paul from booking the people that we need. He also has an impeccable ability to make deals and keep everyone happy, which is no small feat in this industry. His professionalism and dedication are unparalleled, and he is a true pleasure to work with. I can’t imagine booking talent with anyone else.”

— Kathi Watson, Co-Executive Producer, LMN (Lifetime Movie Network)

“Paul always elevates our show with his keen eye for talent, his consummate professionalism, and his ability to come through under very stressful deadlines! It seems as if no one can say ‘no’ to Paul Scott Adamo.”

— Maryann Welker, Executive Producer, HGTV (Home & Garden Television Network)

“I had a pilot, and couldn’t find the right host. Paul Scott Adamo came on as Casting Director, and out of a haystack — he found me the right needle. Two years later, we’re still going strong.”

— Sean McKnight, Supervising Producer, “Back to the Blueprint” – The History Channel (A&E Television Networks)

“Paul Scott Adamo is not only a professional in his field but he has become a personal friend of mine.  I initially met Paul while I was filming ‘The Haunting Of’. Paul is the Talent Producer for my show.  I quickly found out that anyone who is anyone in Hollywood, Paul has them on his speed dial. He booked many A List Celebrities for ‘The Haunting Of’. Paul is passionate about the projects he represents, and has an understanding of the ever-changing media landscape.  He is a person of enormous integrity, is easy to work with and his clients are the beneficiaries of his well-deserved reputation.  Paul has gone above and beyond for my career without me even having to ask and knowing Paul has truly been a blessing to me.”

— Kim Russo, Host of “The Haunting Of” (Lifetime Movie Network)
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“I have worked with Paul Scott Adamo for over 15 years. Paul has booked my celebrity clients on numerous national television shows through the years. On top of it all, he is always a pleasure to work with. He treats my clients with respect, kindness and professionalism. Whenever Paul calls, I am happy to try and book my clients on his projects, and I would highly recommend working with him.”

— Rory Rosegarten, President, The Conversation Company, Ltd.

“Paul knows how to book talent. He doesn’t give up and won’t take no for answer. That’s the secret to any series’ success — a booker who can deliver the goods.”

— Maria Lokken, Executive in Charge of Production, Jarrett Creative

“I have known Paul Scott Adamo for many years. He is a man of intelligence, sensitivity and integrity. His knowledge and extensive involvement in both the creative and technical aspects of television and film have amazed me for some time now. He is amicable and effective in dealing with people. I find his projects imaginative.”

— Diahann Carroll, Academy Award, Grammy and Five-Time Emmy Nominee, Tony and Golden Globe Winner

“If you ever want to get your show booked, contact Paul Scott Adamo! He did six seasons of our show without ever faltering. Everyone we hoped to book on the show was booked. He was phenomenal to work with. He is a team player and went above and beyond. He always works for the good of the show. There is no one that Paul Scott Adamo can’t book.”

— Marisa O’Neill, Line Producer, “The Haunting Of”

“I worked with Paul as The A&E Television Network’s Celebrity Booker. Paul was instrumental in acquiring many major celebrities. Paul is a conscientious professional. He is resourceful and achieves his goals on schedule. He would be an asset to any organization and I recommend him strongly.”

— Marc Chalom, Vice President of Production and Executive Producer, A&E Television Network

“Paul Scott Adamo is not only a true professional but he is absolutely wonderful to work with! I have known Paul for over 20 years (we met when I was two-ha ha!). Seriously, he is so passionate and committed to his work and his celebrity contacts are AWESOME! The stars love him and so do I!”

— Jill Rappaport, Network Journalist, Award-Winning Animal Advocate and Best-Selling Author

“Paul Scott Adamo produced, directed and edited a video tape documentary on our careers entitled ‘Still Made For Each Other’, which received much critical praise. Paul is exceptionally talented when it comes to working with notable personalities. The production featured interviews with Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen, etc. Clips from the documentary were seen in our Broadway Show. His producing, directing, editing, writing and general knowledge of the industry are to be commended.”

— Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna, Academy Award Nominees and Emmy Award Winners

“This is to recommend Paul Scott Adamo for his outstanding work. Paul is skilled at booking the most sought-after celebrity guests.”

— B. Smith, Host and Executive Producer, “B. Smith With Style” (Nationally Syndicated — including WNBC-TV in New York and KNBC-TV in Los Angeles. The series was also featured on The Discovery Channel and The Food Network.)

“We were thrilled to have Paul Scott Adamo as Celebrity Booker for ‘The Montel Williams Show’. He booked A-list celebrity guests. I recommend him highly.”

— Diane Rappoport, former Executive Producer, “The Montel Williams Show”

“Having Paul Scott Adamo book talent for my daily show on Sirius Satellite Radio has made a huge difference in my listenership. Not only does he have a great rolodex, he has a rare combination of professionalism with real heart and soul. The talent love him too! Paul Scott Adamo is a great find.”

— Laura Smith, Radio Program Director/Operations Manager and On Air Host of “Above and Beyond with Laura Smith”, Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 114

“Paul Scott Adamo is capable of booking just about anyone in the world. How do I know? I have seen him book some of the most ‘hard to get’ celebrities with ease. If I were the Executive Producer of a major show and had to get great guests fast without risk of failure, I would hire Paul Scott Adamo!”

— Annie Jennings, CEO, Annie Jennings PR

“I am writing to commend and recommend Paul Scott Adamo. I am Supervising Producer of a long-running award winning Celebrity Interview Series on The Playboy Channel. It is Paul’s job to find the talent…and this he does exceedingly well. Paul has a superior attitude toward his work. Coupling that with a real can-do ability and developed sense of the importance of deadlines, he certainly makes my life more enjoyable. There are times when a great deal of pressure falls to Paul; I never find him wanting. He is well connected and very dedicated. So along with this note comes my complete faith, confidence and endorsement.”

— Gary Moskowitz, Supervising Producer, Playboy Programs, Inc.

“B. Smith and I have worked with Paul Scott Adamo for the past 10 years and he has always delivered the right guest for the right show or segment at the right time. He is a total team player and can fit in with any production staff. He also can be creative and lend his expertise when needed for segment ideas. I thoroughly recommend him.”

— Dan Gasby, Executive Producer, “B. Smith With Style”

“Paul Scott Adamo was a critical member of our team. He accomplished his work with finesse and positive energy, on time, and of course most importantly, on budget. He would make an excellent member of any production team.”

— Joan Takefman, Supervising Producer, “Famous Homes and Hideaways” (Nationally Syndicated)

“Paul Scott Adamo has been my Morning Show Producer and Celebrity Booker for over two years. The content and pacing of the program is amazing. With Paul’s celebrity contacts and flair for the unusual, we have the #1 morning show. And we did that with Paul. The guy is a one person entertainment machine.”

— John Harper, WFAS-FM Program Director/Morning Show Host